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" I did the 3-Day Detox and Power Smoothie program and lost 5 pounds. I gained regularity with my bowels and my stomach went down. I also felt lighter and didn't feel stuffed all the time. "

Charlene Jones ★★★★★

" I purchased the body butters from Brittany and they are awesome. I love the texture and how it melts in my skin. I will be ordering more soon! "

Happy Customer ★★★★★

"Within two weeks, I had more energy, I could think more clearly, and I slept better."

Mrs. Ricks ★★★★★

"I did the vegan food tasting and the food was delicious. I can't remember the names, but I could definitely start adding them to my meals I prepare at home. I am only one chicken and fish away from being vegan! Thanks Brittany!"

Happy Customer ★★★★★

" I'm not a Morning person and sometimes it's hard for me to eat breakfast so early. These smoothies have helped fill me up in the mornings, long enough to last me until I am ready to eat. I've been able to easily digest and it helps to keep my bowels regular. "

Tiffany Fleet ★★★★★

"My sinuses cleared, the congestion was alleviated, and the post nasal drip stopped."

Mrs. Brown ★★★★★

" The 3-day detox smoothie was delicious and it kept me full. It really jump-started my weight loss as I prepared for my wedding. I plan on getting the immune tea to get ready for the holidays around people."

Jaz Cam ★★★★★

" I used a couple of the wellness oils and they worked as advertised. I also had an opportunity to meet and get to know the owner and creator of the products and products quality is only surpassed by her spirit. I definitely plan to purchase again in the future. "

Tony Broadnax ★★★★★

" I have decided to use the 3-day detox because I needed something to help jumpstart my journey on getting my life together as far as my weight was concerned. While doing my detox I was able to pay attention to what I was eating before and afterward. Doing my detox I also drank a lot of alkaline water which cause me to run to the restroom. Overall I felt good and would do it again. "

Katreia Edmond ★★★★★

Give yourself the gift of health with a plant-based transition.